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Interview with The Foetal Mind

-You’re stationed in Languedoc-Rousillion, France. How is the Depressive Black Metal scene in Perpignan?

The scene is rather depressed,here. The personal albums are quite popular.There are few concerts, most people prefer music called "violent"
(mainly death and Punk). Doing this kind of music represents a challenge to all levels, both hold concerts than repeating in group.

-You’ve just released your album called: ’’Suprême Cheminement’’ Can you explain the title of the album and the concept?

The concept of this album is to show our progress during the first 2 years of the project called TFM, from the one-man band to a group composed of 5 members.
A fetus still in utero, which will take its final shape during the coming years through the forthcoming concerts and new albums.
The next album is also planned for late 2010..

-You are the first band on the label Hypnotic Dirge Records that has a full line-up and play live shows. How do you feel about that?

I am particularly pleased !! It is true that after a time, Vaahl, Dreef and me despaired of finding musicians who can move the group in the right direction.
We had musicians, but they either lacked musical maturity or motivation to TFM.
We then (after months of fruitless searches) was contacted by Warwolffs (Ndlr bassist).
He lived very far from us, which we implied that it could not operate.
Meanwhile, Leiden (ndlr 2nd guitarist) joined us, and even if they live far enough,their motivation was (and remains) so as to give an exciting dimension to TFM!
Both say that the excitation for Vaahl, Dreef and me is at its paroxysm!
Our collaboration has led naturally to want to play on stage the music that transports us elsewhere and we are currently working in this direction.

-How did the cooperation between TFM and HDR start?

TFM and HDR met on the net and were told to work together on "Suprême Cheminement".

-What can we expect from TFM in the future?

We want to make living the scene, especially the one near us because we love this music.
The albums are just a reflection of a superficial disease that eats us inside constantly.
Therefore making shows allows us to free ourselves from the shackles imposed on us the extreme scene, without shrewdness,
releasing what we have deep within us and the extreme scene in France is trying to stifle.

-Do you have a last message for the Dutch readers?

We hope that soon we will come play with you, because the German people are known to us for his good taste in music.. and beer !

 Lord Trowe

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