Vin de Mia Trix - Once Hidden From Sight available to pre-order, new song online

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Vin de Mia Trix - Once Hidden From Sight available to pre-order now!
New song "A Study in Scarlet" now streaming and available to download!

The debut album from the Ukrainian Doom band Vin de Mia Trix entitled "Once Hidden From Sight" is now available to pre-order with the official CD release following soon on August 26, 2013.

After a long wait, finally a new track is available online as well to mark this occasion -  "A Study in Scarlet", the opening track from the upcoming album!

Our free access philosophy will be put into practice completely for this release. For many reasons, including the desire of the band and for the first time ever for a CD release, we will also be offering "Once Hidden in Sight" as a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD in its entirety upon the release!! You can of course still show your support by donating something when you download or by buying the CD version.

"After numerous gigs (including Doom Over Kiev, Moscow Doom Fest, and supporting Saturnus, Mourning Beloveth and Autumnia among others), a self-released demo and an EP, Vin de Mia Trix comes up with their debut full-length “Once Hidden From Sight.” Blending together various doom sub-genres, the album from the Ukrainian band is a culmination of over 3 years of writing and perfecting their own sound. Lengthy mid-tempo opuses with crushing funeral riffs morphing into melancholic acoustic passages create a mysterious and dark atmosphere with songs rooted between Funeral and Death/Doom Metal, but incorporating bits of Black Metal, Post-Rock, Progressive Metal, Blues and some other genres. Co-released by Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions with a 12-page booklet with lyrics included, “Once Hidden From Sight” offers every fan of dark music something for the soul!"

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