ALBUM NEWS: Wills Dissolve unveils cover art for upcoming release “Echoes”

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, July 2, 2020 Under: Release News
Following on the comet tail of their debut album "The Heavens Are Not On Fire...", Wills Dissolve direct their gaze upon the cosmos once again in “Echoes”, their sophomore album presented as a single track, 32-minute exploration of the loneliness and sacrifice of astro-technological advancement. Though once again rooted in progressive metal, “Echoes” incorporates a wide range of styles to tell the tale of an astronaut on a dangerous and vital deep space expedition. Allow yourself to be transported through the empty vacuum of space exploring the cosmos as the last vestiges of humanity search for another planet to inhabit, as human short-sightedness and hubris has rendered earth uninhabitable. Musically, you will hear everything from Progressive Metal, Death Metal, Ambient, Prog-rock, and Black Metal on this journey through the stars, allowing the narrative to develop naturally and letting the musical style shift as appropriate.

Today, we are excited to reveal the captivating album cover crafted by artist Adam Burke (Nightjar Illustration). Here is what Adam had to say about the vision for the cover art and the challenges of capturing scale with space imagery:

"For this painting I was trying to meet several parameters. Wills Dissolve asked me to capture the scene of a spaceship just entering a black hole, to go with the narrative of the record. I very much enjoy doing vast space scenes, but it comes with some challenges. The greatest challenge is to accomplish a sense of scale. In reality the size and scale of objects and spans is so great that it's difficult to depict a scene without bending reality. So we tried to portray the black hole as a tunnel of gases and stars being pulled in by massive gravity. I try to capture the chaos and incredible detail of a scene like this, so the trick is to avoid symmetry. I'm happy with how it came out - I think it has a good sense of scale and movement."

Mixed by Guitarist Andrew Caruana and mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege, “Echoes” is scheduled for release on Friday August 28 through Hypnotic Dirge Records. Resonating deeply with a possible prospective future, “Echoes” is a cinematic and fantastic tale with ominous and cautionary undertones.

Hail the endless void!

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