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Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, February 13, 2015 Under: English
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Published: February 13, 2015

However being released in 2012 once as a digital version,Hypnotic Dirge Records brings you now this fabulous masterpiece in physical  format.

The band consists out of mastermind Barre Gambling(guitars.keyboards) who is an old veteran in Daylight Dies.James Greene (Clean vocals,guitars,bass,drums),Archie Hunt(Grunt,Harsh vocals).

What is there to say about the music.First of all you immediately can hear some resemblances with Daylight Dies, this due the typical guitar sound of  Gambling.Brilliant power chords filled with melancholy which you to the emotions of black and grey lines.This style of guitar sound always has been a trademark for Britain’s finest Doom bands in the past.But it seems the US gets more and more involved in this style as well.A remarkable thing here is, there are not to many bands from the US who can perform the songs like this wrapped in an emotion of grey, and dark thoughts.In the past I always had this opinion that everyone was listening really carefully to the British Doom scene, but nowadays this isn't the case at all anymore.Its seems they take what inspire them most, and lies before their nose, like urban life for example.

From track one already this record grabs you by the attention, and never too let go.Track five ‘The Hourglass’(as being immediately my own personal favorite) really shows the great quality skills in the clean vocals which leads you immediately to the resemblance of the voice of Roger Waters(Pink Floyd).

Some parts contain some fabulous guitar solos which you can learn one thing or another from, an besides that it is a pleasure to the ears listening to them.

For a Death/Doom band it actually never gets boring,where others drift away in some of a pattern, this one takes you the opposite way into a story of emotions, and brilliant piece of musicianship.

The clean vocals is just remarkable!A big plus for that.Music that makes you listen away pretty good, and believe experimenting on records,and music like this would b a big fail.

Continuing listening to the Hourglass, there are no mistakes in the music at all, and once again credits for the massive powerchords, and the brilliant feeling what comes with it.The keyboards fill everything nicely up,so that it makes the sound even more heavier than it already is.All in more than a decent Death/Doom album, and really am expecting more from them in the near future,and building a bridge between Daylight Dies and Atten Ash,so both won’t will look too identical to each other like on this record, which is a bit a pity.

Reviewed by: Danny. B. Raven
Rating: 92/100

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Tags: atten ash  the hourglass  atmospheric doom metal  melodic doom metal  death-doom metal  daylight dies  slumber  katatonia  woccon 

  Released: February 19, 2015
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Genre: Melodic Death-Doom Metal