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Published: May 9, 2024

When I first heard music by Dødsferd, I was instantly gripped. The way that the music and lyrics related and sounded so good was something I hadn’t experienced before and rarely since.

Dødsferd released Diseased Remnants of a Dying World in 2018 and I had the honour of reviewing that. This was when I was first exposed to such brilliance and since then I have been lucky enough to cover the subsequent releases. However, when you are such a music fan you are in dangerous waters – what will this new material be like?

Put, its stunning! From the start, the raw and uncompromising Black Metal is something that is as good as it gets. The way that every aspect of each track feels so purposeful leaves you feeling like it is all there for a reason. Whether that be helping Wrath express his feelings around issues that affect us all or helping give the listener something to grasp onto as we explore where we sit within the world and its injustice and corruption.

When you press play, the guitars erupt into a hypnotic riff and the drums crash into your brain whilst the blood-curdling vocal drools down your ear canal, resulting in a reassuring feeling that Dødsferd have done it again and any fears are allayed.

As the album progresses, you will hear all the raw emotions laid bare for us all to hear and recognise in ourselves – as well as the screams of despair that we will have all expressed ourselves at some point.

The album is around 56 minutes long, spanning 7 tracks (including ‘Back To My Homeland…A Beast in Calm) which is vinyl exclusive and each song has its feel and emotion attached to it. With the tracks being longer than your average, you find yourself fully absorbed into this brilliant and stunning soundscape of raw feelings.

So, where does Wrath fall within the Dødsferd discography? Having had high expectations and hopes, this does not let me down. Can you get any better that music that gets you and sounds amazing, I think not. That is exactly what Dødsferd has done before and that is what this is. Naming the album after the vocalist and main man behind Dødsferd and so many other artistic offerings, you will truly understand how intertwined Dødsferd and Wrath are – becoming one on this stunning offering.

Reviewed by: Ed Ford

In : English 

Released: May 10, 2024
Genre: Black Metal


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