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Published: May 25, 2024

Since 2001, Wrath, the man behind the Greek Dødsferd, has been spitting and vomiting on everything and everyone. There are few who escape his curse and wrath. We certainly don’t. The Portuguese Hypnotic Dirge Records releases album number twelve of this motley crew in various attractive formats. The title, ah yes, no need to complicate things, it’s simply Wrath. The last time we heard from this gentleman was quite a while ago. It was the blessed year 2015 when colleague Clemens scrutinized the album Wastes Of Life and promptly kicked out his girlfriend, quit his job, and started living on the streets. Promises, promises…

The grimy, dirty cesspool black metal of these Greek friends has a link to times gone by. More specifically to earlier melodic black metal bands that also operated from the sunny Greek mainland or islands. Bands like Eschaton at the time of Causa Fortior or other releases on the Nykta label. A label that is still active, by the way. Also think of Order Of The Ebon Hand and their XV: The Devil album. The music of this Dødsferd also ties to the Finnish school or the German school with a Finnish touch if you catch my drift.

Oh, you don’t have to wait long for masterfully executed cutting melodic black metal riffs at high speed. Without mercy the gentlemen Wrath and Neptunus ram them dryly down your throat. An honorable mention should also be made for Mr. N.D. on drums because this good gentleman proves to be able to convincingly show his dark side. Restoration Of Justice delivers exactly what it should. Poison, venom, filth but also rawness. Mr. Wrath has always been able to magnificently phrase his acidic lyrics, and here as well he proves to be a master of phrasing. Admittedly, he also sins a bit too much in the first track with unnecessary ‘ooh’s and ‘ah’s, but we gladly accept that, especially when there’s a rolling double bass carpet underneath. Particularly gripping and incisive are the narrative strummed passages that were only briefly included in the song Decay Of Sanity.

Spiritual Lethargy hits you again with magical melodic passages coming from the burning crust of Mother Earth. And it doesn’t stop! Mr. Wrath, together with his companions, gleefully beats all the fun out of your life, if there was any in it, of course. Both Heaven Drops With Human Filth and Failure Ablaze In Your Existence are sick in the same bed as the predecessors on this record. As an extra, as a little dessert, Wrath, in collaboration with m. Sarvok, brings forth another song, Back To My Homeland… A Beast In Calm. An electronic, ambient-like sound escapade that for me wasn’t really necessary.

Wrath, album number twelve from the Greek black metal gods of Dødsferd, is a magisterial record. It’s a journey back in time to the basics, to the foundation upon which the entire (melodic) Greek black metal scene was built. Very strong! Purchase is mandatory, in physical format for example! Look at those attractive vinyl versions!

Rating: 90/100
Reviewed by: Joris Meeuwissen

In : English 

Released: May 10, 2024
Genre: Black Metal


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