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Published: January 30, 2014
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Ekove Efrits is a one-man project that is unique in its own way. Not only that, Saman N. - Or also known as Count of Efrits - comes from Iran, where metal is not exactly welcome. He also creates his own really sounding music universe in the post-Black Metal. While you might think when listening repeatedly to Ulver, but only because they give also do not bother to adhere to genre conventions. Ultimately Ekove Efrits remains independent, unique with its combination of different facets and manages to arrange them so that it looks as if you're dealing with an acoustic kaleidoscope: The basic motive remains the same, but colors and shapes are the time change .

An album that carries within itself just as rugged guitar riffs like piano passages, strings and electronics and ambient passages. The song of Saman N. times more likely to be heard in the typical Black Metal shrieks, other times a whisper-melancholic, but always fits. Unlike its predecessor, sounds and female vocals of Megan Tassaker of labelmates the gothic metal band Lycanthia. At the same time the album remains continuously free of pathos and kitsch, rather it acts as a soundtrack to an inner film which is melancholic and surreal at the same time from an aesthetic beauty that is hard to grasp because as soon as one tries to take hold, decay could.

Nowhere moves between many stylish chairs and manages to impress between a universe of sound, you should not miss to create, if you stand on dark or surreal music. An album for quiet hours in which one is willing to devote himself completely to the music and get lost in this - and one that will then remain with safety in mind.

Reviewed by: Tristan Osterfeld

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