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Published: March 24 2014
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Count De Efrit is an artist with a clear vision: the Iranian musician in the past had already sent clear signals about its willingness to diversify the project proposal Ekove Efrits with "Conceptual Horizon" and maintain a more rough and tied to the history of depression in the Silent Path of the debut "Mourner Portraits" . Then waiting for the release of the new album, the first of the two sides of music mentioned to understand how much and how he was going to make it more and her recognizably: I was hoping to get the explanations I received with the release of "Nowhere."

The murky waters of Black Metal were absorbed by a compositional structure that has altered their DNA in the direction of a vision-Gothic and Dark Ambient strapresente, which are conjugated portions of Trip-Hop sounds. If it were not for the inclusion of electric guitars still attracted by dirt and a small part of the buzz, for the use of altered scream, muffled and a couple of trips emotional despair still tied to the times of darkness that haunts and inspires thoughts which boundless hatred and self-destruction, the sound more "black" you may not even mention. Even more if we take into account the fact that this time the uvula of the "Count" is not the only one to perform, sharing the stage with the elegant, sweet and full of melancholy Megan Tassaker, singer we have already met as part of Lycanthia , Australian band also part of the roster of Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Inside the disc long instrumental passages alternate with soft and velvety interiority complex situations and fought: the ethereal feeling clean singing provided by the excellent and extensive use made of synthesizers is found to coexist with the disturbing obsession raised by sudden extremes that blacken the atmosphere. It's a dark and gloomy in many ways less abysmal one in which this representation of today's Ekove Efrits welcomes us, with the dramatic vein and the melancholic ready to caress the mood in decline addolcendone, but not blocking, the constant fall in the direction an endless oblivion.

"In Nowhere" is a fine work, difficult to absorb, frankly unsuitable for anyone who is not in possession of patience and a desire to deepen the individual aspects of each individual track in it. It requires dedication, attentive listening, prolonged and seems to be heading in the direction of that part of the audience that in his collection sees the presence of names such as Katatonia, The Gathering, Ulver and Netra. I would not recommend, however, only to those who follow these formations: I would suggest instead as a possible purchase to anyone who needs and wants to feed vivid emotions, agguantandole and making their own over time. The work of Count De Efrit is poetry in music.

Reviewed by: Gabriele Strano

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