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Published: July 10, 2014
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The progress of the recording moniker Ekove Efrits continues with "determined disregard" and now no one is amazed to see that much in the evanescent expansion undertaken by Count De Efrit firmly in his music. The project continues his exploration of the darkest and most hidden intricacies of the soul, and the negativity of the "vacuous sense" of life, that path has distanced itself from the primary source, which was (and depressive Black Metal rending) to embrace an increasingly territory dark / gothic / trip hop and leaden liquid. Get stuck here and there electric guitars accompanied by the "usual" scream suffered (the voice segment, however, deserves a separate discussion), but everything seems to put "on stage" specially not to break completely with the past discourse. I would promote this choice, what comes out is once again interesting, once again-as in the predecessor Conceptual Horizon immediate short-course, saw "the" how you have to go and find the right mood (yes, Nowhere could make run the risk of not transmit anything if you ever administered at the wrong time), but as a small and obscure work as Ekove Efrits begins to take on its own form, albeit still very abstract, an approach made ​​things uncommon linked to Special thanks to their plots. While listening to Nowhere could come to your head this or that group (rationally view the proposed amendment is not personal, or at least nothing that will make you squirm with emotion), but when we will have to "sum up" then we will talk exclusively music belonging to the project Ekove Efrits , and rightly so, it is right "exalt" someone from a different time working solo at the exclusive service of the music (I say getting very, very few crumbs in return).

Arpeggios dear to the scene dark and raining delicate without hasty commitments, but also try to be as immediate as possible, the voice of Count De Efrit ranges from scream to deeper shades / or diverted theater, while the big surprise (and I guess the main inspiration particularity of the entire disk) is the almost constant presence of Megan Tassaker (borrowed from stable mates Lycanthia ) as a companion voice; His voice embellishes it all with elegance, gives the songs a strong sense of ethereal able to bring that breath of new music from the band. Just to give an idea of what you will find there is enough to think of a Parallel Presence and his ability to revive the The Gathering was the end of Anneke. Yes, it is strange to hear certain combinations associated with the name Ekove Efrits , but on the other side-just to appease those few-there are the usual "movements zanzarose" and cryptic, heavily diluted certainly, but still ready when you have to punch the clock.

Desire to escape the confines, the desire to give the listener as much as possible, it is to appreciate the effort of all the risks involved, "when" you get to grips on the one hand music "rational" but also deliberately "out of the schemes. " Virtually impossible to determine a profile of who can be the ideal person for this hearing, Nowhere his followers looking for them, but does so with exaggerated shyness and refined, almost in a whisper. If you are among those people who still love to take the time, who still know how to listen to something without being swallowed by the chaos "download / listen / trash" then perhaps you might have a chance here (but there is still someone who searches for "opportunity"? ).

Towards Nowhere , lulled and alienated. Small personal advice, ascoltatevi the song Infinitesimal in the middle of the night, when sleep is coming now inexorable, and then ....... good sleep at all.

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