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Published: February 3, 2013
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Today, the review will look back on one very pleasant surprise with which you at the very end of the article recommend that you immediately went to get it, because it's just worth it ... but I probably should not say this early, huh?

Let's start again and slowly but fairly simple question. How much do you know metal bands from Iran? I have no doubt that among you will find connoisseurs who tell me that some names spilled out without any problems, but most of us are probably not really go together. But just Greeks Efrits worth it to have that name in my file cabinet included. This is a one-man project out of the capital Tehran, underpinned sure Saman N. , sometimes also known under the pseudonym Count de Efrit . But it is not a beginner issue, as the current "Nowhere" is already his fourth full album.

If you get to work and submit to the group name some of that search, perhaps every source you spit out that it is a black metal in some cases perhaps even depressive black metal. If we talk purely about "Nowhere" , then the former is basically true, but not so completely as simple as that to u Greeks Efrits not; depressive black metal is then complete crap. Where is the proverbial the devil? Greeks Efrits Although it is black metal, but in its current form as presented on "Nowhere" , I would be afraid to mark it as experimental. The music speaks not only to be a female vocal, which took care of Megan Tassaker of stable colleagues Lycanthia from Australia, but also a great influence lightweight electronics, especially trip-hop. Especially in the second half of the album is this form of music Ekovata Efrits takes the reins of a major relegating black metal almost to the second track ... well, maybe in the first half. But what about the less there is of black metal, even more so then his trips are impressive. Thanks to the trip-hop then give Greeks Efrits easily recall another teammate, the French project Netra , and though there are so brilliant not matter, it's still "Nowhere" by its quality damn high. Also mentioned female voice plays a significant role, far from being just plain ordinary guest vocals, which adds one verse of the same song that saying ... on the contrary, Megan Tassaker got on "Nowhere" big enough space, appears in a substantial part of the song and moves is still further ... frankly I find her performance even more like home than in Lycanthia , but of course it may be due to the fact that the very music page Greeks Efrits approached me considerably more.

Start "Nowhere" However, some playing with electronics completely nepředesílá. Home půlminutka "Intro" is meaningless, just silence, in which here and there zaštěbetá bird. "Public Theatre" While starts quite relaxing, but once you hear black metal, one remembers more of such Agalloch (must be noted that only if this piece), overall it's about nejmetalovější song recordings. "Parallel Presence" begins with another quieter passages that breathes trip-hop and which is gradually added Megan with her ​​vocals, to the second half of the echoes metal. Such songs where calmer heads start to black metalovému climax is on the board more, in addition to being nominated two are yet to be "Sword and Wound" and "One Truth, One Confession" where the electronic and metal component will replace several times. Absolutely phenomenal, however, in this respect, the sixth "infinitesimal" , which to me almost immediately became an absolute highlight "Nowhere" . It is carried in slightly electronic feel, flows slowly, gradually enters and goes several excellent themes, one of which must be one keyboard is no exaggeration sheer fantasy. In its conclusion, the piece arrives guitar riff and extreme vocals that the song also ends. This is for me personally composition masterfully on 10/10, simply phenomenal.

The second sorta songs on "Nowhere" are those in which the metal does not respond at all and it is the most purely atmospheric instrumental pieces. If we do not count the mentioned "Intro" , which is a little bit of anything, it is actually all unnamed, that "Blessed by Nature" , "Metamorphosis" , "At the Gates of Oblivion" and "Belong to Nowhere" . Now these pieces romp to perfection one leisurely mood nemetalových passages of songs whose names fell in the previous paragraph. Although personally I like most of them about "Metamorphosis" , which paradoxically does no harm that comes right after insurmountable "infinitesimal" , are all excellent. Of course, if the music boils down guitar riffs, like you do not ... even though it's the whole "Nowhere" . If, however, know how to enjoy a wonderful atmosphere, whether it is played on any instrument and in any genre, you will certainly be keen to see these compositions. And what an atmosphere that is? Well, just look only on the cover of "Nowhere" because that for me personally, the music captures the mood exactly.

"Nowhere" is simply designed for those who like intelligent and compelling music. Black metal in the administration of Greeks Efrits is very open ... actually enough to result in more black metal much less than would at first sight appear as if to think of it, is actually on the album in the minority. But it does not matter because the important thing is that "Nowhere" is absolutely great record. Do you remember what I said at the beginning? No, I was not kidding - I really get to go because it's just worth it.

Rating: 8.5/10
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