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Published: February 18, 2014
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Ben found dear Count De Efrit , talented Iranian musician , who has always offered an intimate form of music , so if you allow me , I would abandon definitively the nickname of black metal. With this new ' Nowhere ' , your fourth full length album , pursue your work of searching for a unique sound and dreamlike , which goes along the lines of the previous ' Conceptual Horizon ' , but exasperating the content and tone that arise outside scope metal. " Public Theatre " clearly demonstrates your strong personality and exceptional talent with which to do coexist sounds not typically accessible to an audience with other metal suitable for lovers of extreme metal scene . Your voice still dark and evil broke through the notes of this work, while the talented Megan Tassaker and his mellow vocals , help you move between trip-hop and dark music in "Parallel Presence" , no matter if in the end we place a good ride black . A brief musical interlude and your clean vocals emerge in the electronic environment of " One Truth , One Confession" , where riesumi , even if for a few seconds , almost a guitar line typically black . Then EBM , gothic and dance to helping you out , offering a sound that is different in a thousand different facets , embracing the themes from the soundtrack. Persist with the lo-fi production , who knows what would jump out in case of crystalline production ? A thump - thump - thump opens " Infinitesimal " cyber song that would appeal to anyone who follows Massive Attack, Portishead and Sigur Ros , and re-emerges in which the voice of Megan sensuality , which eventually becomes the role of undisputed protagonist. But what really makes you suffer Count De Efrit , if all this melancholy permeates your songs? Pain , discomfort, sadness and despair, are in fact the main components of which merges the sound of your band . " Metamorphosis " is a song whose opening words to me evoked the beginning of a song that I recently heard in India : song cryptic , experimental , ambient definitely outside the box which puts the music of the proposal Ekove Efrits . Warm sounds pop rock rise in the initial part of " Sword and Wound ," but I'm not afraid of being disappointed by your unusual proposal , everything is put in the right place and the black tirade that attacks following is perfect to dampen the devastating fluidity a sound that sometimes seems to take a dangerous road . I can not say enough great things about yet another Count De Efrit with you , you do your experimentation I guess. What do I have to wait for me now for the next release? I can not wait to find out how to evolve the sound of your band in the future. 

Rating: 85/100
Reviewed by: Francesco Scarci

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