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From: ZWare Metalen
Published: January 24, 2014
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I've always been a fan of the work of the Iranian Count The Efrit. The previous installments of this man were invariably a thick eight offered. In his latest work he seeks re-bounds and he combines with atmospheric black metal and doom metal loungy chillbient. This time gets goth singer Megan Tassaker assigned a major role, they often fill with her angelic vocals.

The contribution of Megan is positive. The pungent poppy goth song is serene and at the same time brought credibility, giving nice listening songs. Unfortunately, the experimental metal pieces are a lot less. Again quite casually and carelessly responded, but this time with a somewhat pretentious sounding Alcest attitude. The clean male vocals are at times too fragile and too forced to be enjoyable especially when compared to the female vocals. Also be placed issues that do not make sense, musically too abruptly and can not appeal. I therefore regret to admit that this record is the least that I Ekove Efrits may have heard.

Rating: 66/100
Reviewed by: Bart Alfvoet

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