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Published: July 30, 2012
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It is claimed that the third album is one of the most difficult ever. By then should a band have found their own sound and his musical maturity. You can make it even more difficult, of course, have just published by a difficult album. And that's what Epitimia have with their third album, Faces of Insanity made. If you listen to the album for the first time, fall on a number of factors: depressive black metal and folk music can be heard - a combination that is dark and hostile forest acting before the inner eye can occur. Post-rock can be heard and also provides additional interesting moments. 

Over time, but the album does not seem to be as convincing as they had at the beginning of the impression. The influences in order to go to work, but not always matched each other. 

But this is not the problem, this is elsewhere. Again and again she shows up: the boredom. This is mainly due to the many passages that take far too long and you would not have used. Many traditional riffs and uninspired passages are interspersed with well-done moments: So the album starts with beschw√∂rerischem female vocals on Jamais Vu is heard in the middle part is a great guitar solo and flagging Altered Consciousness is also successful. Rorschach inkblot bored at the start with strumming until Towards the end will be melodic and playful. 

Why does the band not consistently as good passages? Too often it is irritated by trivialities that would not have been necessary. It proved Epitimia that they can make good music. The problem seems to be not the disability. Rather makes the album an unfinished impression of what is really a shame. Whether the album nevertheless appreciate it or not, everyone must decide for themselves. 

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Released: July 14, 2012
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