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Published: January 16, 2013
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 Russian Epitima is a band formed in 2008, In These four years of existence the band released three albums along with a demo an some splits, "Faces Of Insanity" is an third Their latest work ... Just by checking the album's cover you'll get an idea about the kind of music you'll find in here; epitimia here delivers an emotive and atmospheric form of Black Metal combined with some more traditional aspects of this style, resulting in a not Precisely depressive (but certainly not joyful) blend of Black Metal. The album is balanced Between emotive melodic passages, where subtle guitar lines are the main responsible for the somewhat haunting atmosphere of this record, and some obscure, Sometimes even blasting Black Metal Discharges ... One of the most characteristic elements of this album is the direct voice style of K, Which Consists in a rasping, slightly forced and tortured form of blackish growls, This quite unusual style delivers here a traditional Black Metal aura along with a somewhat decadent and rotten touch to the overall immaculate music, balancing the album's music and Contributing with some interesting variety. The production here is not the finest, Even When the mixing is balanced, the album sounds quite unpolished Which does not fit very well With This particularly style, a clearer production Would certainly Improve the subtle and elegant Proposal delivered at this album. "Faces Of Insanity" Consist 9 tracks clocked in at 52 minutes of melancholic and subtle black metal, Those Which Will certainly delight into The Most introspective side of this multifaceted style. The album Reveals here an interesting proposal, Even When That shows some details to Improve, is still solid, soothing and overall interesting. 

Reviewed by: Alvaro Pacheco

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Released: July 14, 2012
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Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-rock