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Published: September 10, 2012
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It 'the perfect opener instrumental Reminiscentia to do the math with some thought. In this case, to make a mea culpa interior because they never knew before this valid entities Russian by the name of epitimia. Ours are around since 2008 (first album in 2009) and come with Faces Of Insanity third effort in the long run (supported by the ever attentive to the "underground movement" Hypnotic Dirge Records), a third effort to capture and display capabilities quite evident already a first "frugal" listening. 

The black metal of epitimia is strongly melancholy, is firmly anchored to its geographical location but despite all that is modern thanks to its cutting "rock." Patches are combined with other depressants tend to rot / evanescent, but epitimia make a great use of melody, the guitars gently whisper echoes life (great with the matching female voice in Epikrisis I: Altered State of Consciousness), notes can scratching and surrounded with the same ease-of-action. Each new listening Faces Of Insanity strengthens it, each new round disc like more and more (at least that what happens to me) and even what appeared weaker over time buy a higher value and pure. The epitimia want to move and eventually manage magically in their intent, playing in the final accounts simple, basic and feral (for the series "when the effort required is all about songwriting and not on technique"). 

More goes into the disc, the longer the word "transport" becomes vital, in my mind Epikrisis IV: Jamais Vu (melodies printed above Russia in focus), Epikrisis V: Rorschach Inkblot (some guitar riffs are delicious and superlatives in their evolution), in the end my favorite, the one that opens the door to the "secret album" or Epikrisis VI: Leucotomy nails you with his spirit dream. When it comes to long (nine minutes) DS: Shizophrenia we are already used for good and forged their sound that his attorney perennial dig pretty strange deja-vu instant. 

The problem that many may have will be familiar with a voice still so anchored in ways underground, grim and closed in on itself, the music succeeds in throwing a veil of darkness just made uncomfortable by the many openings "arieggianti." I think that's the beauty of this type of production, find the key element needed to give personality to the work, from this point of view the item in its imperfection succeeds in (the fact remains-I am sure-that the many find tiring and weak part of the whole musical in question). 

Rating: 7/10
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Released: July 14, 2012
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