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: May 15, 2013
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Epitimia is Russian, he practices a BM air quality, let us input. Hosted by the Hypnotic Dirge Records, Faces of insanity is their Third full-length in five years of existence. Upon intro, the foundations are laid. The sound is excellent (for a Russian group ...), deep, hot über organic to wish all the instruments off perfectly, the voice sounds far away in echo, as if carried by the wind. . All sounds very melodic The second title (Epikrisis I: Altered State of Consciousness) is exactly in the same vein except the voice, little black finally, the idea is very melodic, which gives the piece - and the following - a very strong nostalgic charm. Because, in fact, nostalgia is really the theme of this album. Even when the tempo accelerates, melodic lines remain. 

Singing in Russian, giving the whole a small side (in spirit) Temnozor / Drudkh dégeu not at all. The musicians are not penguins, music is in place, the song progresses nicely, smoothly, very naturally. BM, the structure has a few little accelerations as the content is closer to an atmospheric / pagan metal or a dark rock / post BM to Agalloch. The third title opens the same on a bright, lead very melancholy, the sound perfect, can fully enjoy before, 54'', intervenes a lovely break that would not have denied the Drudkh of 'Autumn Aurora ... The slave stage has a clear stamp; epitimia brings in new evidence. Early Epikrisis III still sounds very Slavic very Temnozor / Drudkh in mind with closest pagan or post-BM still very progressive structure. The melodic lead dot this title, giving it an even greater nostalgia, low hum, the battery purrs, the song takes confusing paces, almost jazzy around the 4th minute. Then comes the break. From Epikrisis IV: Jamais Vu (fifth title), about the changes. The tempo quickens, the rhythm is almost folk. This time, it's rather old Katatonia time is called, the dark dark rock, crawling, crippled by lead insidious little melancholy arrangements (as Epikrisis VI, also typical of this period). The solos are more numerous, the battery still takes a jazzy hits, all sounds much more rock. Only words in Russian settle a bit, not necessarily in a good way this time ... Some howls are poorly controlled, giving the impression to burst with a Kalashnikov in the Cage aux Folles ... Same with Epikrisis V, where the intro surprise the listener with its jazzy rock appearance, especially in the battery again with the jazzy game is very strong on this title. 

About then enriched and leaves on bases much typed BM slave. The set is varied, really pleasant. Only really clashes with its chaotic aspect, deconstructed the eighth title. But from Lethe, the final title, it comes back to nostalgia. This piece is also beautiful, the guitar leads are highly saturated but melodic, strange arrangements dotting the title gives it a special dimension before a schizophrenic sort of parasite's all ... and the only one to beat a heart is heard ... and the sound of the rain ... In the end, a beautiful album, full of variations, perfectly executed, that will satisfy the most demanding (and open) of you.

Rating: 15/20
Reviewed by: Raziel

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Released: July 14, 2012
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Atmospheric Black Metal/Post-rock