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Published: July 30, 2012
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Sometimes it is really Quatsch what you find on Metal Archives. Epitimia come from Russia, but does not clear with ambient black metal, and it is very doubtful that this band have ever brought. The trio has been around for four years and brings very black melancholy that I feel firmly under the 'suicidal' denominator falls. 

Maybe you can here and there reminiscent of the depressive tissue that a band like Lifelover already handed in the past, but Epitimia there is clearly no room for grace and gaiety in the copied music. Well what buttons the guitar with the Swedes, the big difference that Epitimia often what turns atmospheric and pulls itself based on tokkelstukken basrijke silences and the melancholy in some account. Furthermore, this melodic wave in the atmosphere very enjoyable, just not really blow me out of my socks and handed it all just not deep enough. A little too long, with handsome specimens on guitar and bass, but whose configuration is not thought out enough. Epikrisis Q: Rorschach Inkblot and DS: Shizophrenia do it to my taste still the best, with handsome walnut parties who informed inbanen and delicious baslaag, but it is very unfortunate that the gripping surface is broken by the muffled vocals. 

A surface band so that what drifts of suicidal waters. Maybe the band had been so instrumental even better on a creative level, a larger contribution could be delivered, because come, this Russian lament (let alone the typical you-owl at Jamais Vu ) is not the great light. Yet this dark project highlights, and they are particularly atmospheric in the little splendor and emotional acoustics can be found. 

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Released: July 14, 2012
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