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Published: March 18, 2014
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Surprising is to hear from Epitimia. For since the Russians about two years ago with Faces of Insanity published an album that although courage proved to experiment by post-rock, folk metal and depressive black metal at each other, let the but in the end in itself did not seem conclusive, one makes at (un) reality everything right now. All the more surprising, because you get here directly commanded a double album: On two CDs with the titles Illusion and Delusion While musically similar but stylistically different sides of the band are shown, both work for themselves, but together create an album that is otherwise so rarely hears.

Delusion makes this depressive Black Metal hear will sometimes quiet times aggressive, but has always dense walls of guitars. The interesting thing is the flirtation with jazz, as it can be heard in virtually every song Saxophone that float times about the music, but then seamlessly integrated into the whole Black Metal garment in other instances. Also from sudden melody changes, the subtle use of elegiac female voices or folk influences does not shy one, in contrast to its predecessor, everything here is running into each other and a logical whole results.

Illusion decided against saxophones, but goes much more in dreamy realms through dark shoegaze influences, overall, this CD acts sluggish, but at least as atmospheric and shows can be really dark and melancholy as well as aesthetically. Especially the chorales who consider themselves nobly in the background, is to produce images of surreal landscapes that seem to come from somewhere create a world in between.

Sure like (Un)reality not an album for the mass appeal be, but it works then too bulky for casual listeners. But who on music away from conventions is that is conclusive in itself, always surprised and having draft, can find exactly the right thing.

Reviewed by: Tristan Osterfeld

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 Released: February 15, 2014
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