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Published: August 18, 2014
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In the last decade words like "Avantgarde", "Post" and "Shoegaze" have been increasingly linked to the Black Metal world. Obviously this invasion of band "alternative" to the classic lines created rifts within the ranks of listeners and most of the times he questioned his membership in the wake of music, as the component Black was very little evidence of this in some. The fact remains that, for better or worse has managed to make itself heard in this area and move the Russians epitimia.

The formation of St. Petersburg had already been reviewed by the undersigned with the release of their third album "Faces Of Insanity" , while in 2014, the fourth film sees churn out a large, given the choice to deal with dual output divided into two distinct , chapters on "Delusion" and "Illusion", which encompasses eighteen pieces for a total duration of almost two hours.

The epitimia have maintained a way to put their emotions both in form and in the soul (the substance), the mixture of genres has been the one who had given birth in the previous chapter, we then moments explicable to the trend of matrix depressive- Black melodic turns in situations where the Ambient and Post-Rock joints in area take over, changing in the stroke internal mood of the piece.

Ideally "(Un) reality" could be considered an infinite loop, in fact notes inserted inside the elegant gatefold digipak with several doors there is a short paragraph written in both mother tongue and in English that ends with the phrase again the same dream, an idea expanded as eternity that seems to eliminate the hope of finding a way to escape from a scenario had to be repeated and repeated. From this premise, you can grab the disappointment of a fall perennial and inevitable represented by the most bitter and rough notes of the first cd (in which the frequent incursions of the saxophone and openings folklore offer a variation to the coldness of riffing) and the illusory reflection, melancholy the second in which the atmosphere instead become softer and gray, where the presence of the female voice of M. and electronics takes on a greater purpose of the exploration of sound.

The work, however well structured, in a couple of circumstances tends to flatten out, replicating a couple of solutions and not just making it so easy to deepening into a single solution. However, this is a bold move, so I would say to consider songs like "Delusion IV - Contemplation", "Metanoia", "A Flash Before Death", "Illusion IV - Reflection" and "Illusion V - Far Away" for you at least an idea of ​​the repertoire that the band is able to produce.

"(Un) reality" is yet another attestation of good ability in possession of epitimia, it lacks some trimming, but we are faced with a performance that could collect the interest on the part of most types of listeners, as long as you have the desire and time on their hands. This is not a test "hit and run" and living carelessly you risk penalizing and maybe it aside. Give her a chance, maybe you will not surprise you or make you scream to the masterpiece, however, as in the previous note the possibility that you stay at least satisfied by this meeting are anything but a few.

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 Released: February 15, 2014
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