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Published: April 2, 2014
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The Russian avant-garde black metal epitimy I approached with skepticism, although such music I like, I was not fully convinced that it really is what I expect. I will not lie, my expectations were low and I was pleasantly surprised that my hands got so good album.

The entire double album actually has a length of nearly two hours. While it is true that I prefer albums that you can listen to in one go, before I had to listen to interrupt. One would think that there will be a repetition of themes when entire album consists of 18 tracks and the opposite is true. Epitimy you literally plays with different themes, still surprise you and leave the rest for a minute.

Full Review split into two parts because both drives are different. There are, of course, continuity in the composition and arrangement of tracks (eg the first and last track carries a separate name, while seven among them the designation of "Delusion" and "Illusion")

Disk no. 1
It all begins at birth ("Birth"), in which first presents the experimental nature of the album, playing there is saxophone and violin. Then it goes black metal tracks that are added post-rock riffs, uřvaným male vocals, vysamplovanými passages and of course saxophone. Saxophonist D'arcy Molan, this part had to really enjoy themselves, because almost every song, but it never gets old. The last part of the track called "Metatonia" the eight-minute end in style, slow, heavy melody is made ​​with great vocals and saxophone again.

Disk no. 2
If my first CD was surprised, I did not know what to expect next. The other part of me is blasted through the roof, somewhere in the stratosphere, or maybe further. The origin can be found in "A Flash Before Death", six and a half minute song full of great riffs from which spit fire and flames. The second track is located vocal singer M., which contrasts nicely with uřvaným male vocals and creates such a beautiful harmony. While listening to a man hit the other interesting things, such as purely electronic samples and again a little post-rock (acoustic guitar).

The first disk I got a bit more experimental and the other is more focused on the black metal feeling. This work is also laced with ambient influences, which sometimes seems to randomly emerge somewhere.

And now a few words in conclusion. Some people may worry that length can mean boredom and repetition is always the same melody, but in this case it is not. Epitimy able to make long album full of interesting things that bored.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: Jacques

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 Released: February 15, 2014
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