Review from Invisible Oranges

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 Under: English
Review from: Invisible Oranges
Published: April 14, 2020

This is… not beginner’s music. It is wonderful, but Hierophant Violent‘s abstract sounds woven into a droning, doomed atmosphere find themselves at a more advanced end of the music spectrum, and, boasting members of Botanist, Kayo Dot, Lotus Thief, and more, this should be expected. Enter listening to this album with an open mind and expanded attention span, because you will be rewarded.

Reviewed by: Jon Rosenthal

In : English 

Tags: "forlesen" "forlesen hierophant violent" "lotus thief" "botanist band" "kayo dot" "palace of worms" "vesper moth" "nero order" 

 Released: April 18, 2020
Genre: Ambient / Doom / Black Metal