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Published: May 28, 2020 

There’s an old saying on many countries that where Portuguese is spoken: “there’s more than a way to skin a cat”, and on Metal, it means that two (or more) different bands can play a same Metal genres, but sounding completely different. Think about the differences between DARKTHRONE and ABRUPTUM as a fine example. The first plays in a raw and traditional form, and the other uses different elements to create the same darkened and morbid form of music. So to deal with the North American trio FORLESEN needs a lot of patience and attention, because “Hierophant Violent” can cause diametric opposites reactions.

Musically, they can be labeled as an Experimental/Avant-garde Black Metal, using a lot of melancholic/dreaming ambiances that some works of ULVER bears, but contrasting with some aggressive parts, without tearing the funereal and dense melancholic atmosphere that permeates the album. Of course that such form of music will not be well received for those who want some played in the speed of light or with a bone-crushing aggressiveness, but it has a hypnotic charm that can bind the listeners. Without trying to compare their work with other bands, a crossing between the experimental Space Rock moments of HAWKWIND with influences of Progressive/Dark Ambient music and some aggressiveness could be a good description of what they play.

The sonority was created to be clean and defined due the musical direction that the band takes. And it is clean and defined in the introspective moments, but with a touch of a crude quality on the aggressive parts. It’s a good work on studio, indeed, a fine work of Jack Shirley. Musically, the better thing to be done is to hear and be drowned by the catharsis of the trio on the funereal and dense “Following Light” (9 minutes of the purest Progressive Rock ambiance based on synths, and the some guitars, bass and drums with male and female voices) and the “Nightbridge” (that bears the same elements, but when the aggressive parts comes, it becomes as aggressive and nasty as any Black Metal band, with fine shrieks). Yes, only two long songs are presented on “Hierophant Violent”.

This release is really something difficult to be swallowed, but FORLESEN bears some aspects that can be worked on the next coming. This is a release for DEAD CAN DANCE and LOW fans.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: "Metal Mark" Garcia

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 Released: April 18, 2020
Genre: Ambient / Doom / Black Metal