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Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, May 1, 2020 Under: English
From: The Sound Not The Word
Published: April 30, 2020

Given that it contains members of Lotus Thief, Kayo Dot, Botanist, and TSNTW favourites Palace of Worms, there’s high hopes for Hierophant Violent, the debut album from Forlesen. Such background means that expectations for a challenging, adventurous listen are probably fair, and Hierophant Violent meets them in superb style. Consisting of two lengthy tracks (each is almost twenty minutes long), the album is not afraid to takes its time, building up glorious psychedelic soundscapes before upending them with crushing, cathartic post-black metal. There’s as much Dead Can Dance as there is anything traditionally metal here, with all the emotional power that might imply. It is as nightmarish as it is beautiful, an album full of challenge in the an almost spiritual sense but also the promise of catharsis, that is practically flawless. When year-end lists come to be written, Hierophant Violent will surely deserve to be up there with the best of them. Incredible.

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 Released: April 18, 2020
Genre: Ambient / Doom / Black Metal