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Review from Skulls N Bones

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, August 25, 2016, In : English 
From: Skulls N Bones
Published: August 23, 2016

The dramatic sonic collision between black metal and prog is something to behold on Frigoris’ Nur ein Moment …, an album rife with emotion. And rightfully so, given that it is the first of a two-part concept album that delves into the thoughts of a pained soul on the verge of committing suicide.

For those not versed in the German language, the storyline is one built solely around the music, given the vocals are spewed in the band...

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Review from No Clean Singing

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, August 25, 2016, In : English 
From: No Clean Signing
Published: August 22, 2016

On August 25, Hypnotic Dirge will release the new album by the German band Frigoris, whose name you may recall from the praise we heaped on an advance track from the album named “Trúwen”. Entitled Nur ein Moment… (Just one Moment…), it follows the band’s 2013 debut full-length Wind and is the first part of a two-album concept that follows “the tracks of a protagonist who faces the consequences of suicide in an interior ...

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Review from

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, August 11, 2016, In : Italian 
Published: August 9, 2016

Nessuna esitazione da parte mia al palesarsi del terzo disco marchiato Frigoris (pum, afferrato e subito ascoltato),anche se l’attesa poteva essere ben peggiore visto che alla fine contiamo “solo” tre anni, una gestazione senz’altro necessaria o meglio “dovuta”, perché la musica di questa formazione tedesca va veramente “lontano”, scacciando ogni goccia di banalità ad ogni piccola nota, roba che di certo non va a comp...

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Review from Ciudad Zero

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, August 1, 2016, In : Spanish 
From: Ciudad Zero
August 1, 2016
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Mi primer contacto con FRIGORIS, fue en el año 2012 con el álbum Wind (Junio 8, 2013 Misanthropic Art Productions), obra que disfrute a placer, sin ser lo mejor que escuche aquel tiempo, me impresionó el ambiente en que su música se desenvuelve, guitarras limpias melancólicas con trémolos constantes y periodos acústicos de majestuosa calma, la voz muy apropiada para el black metal ambient, se quedaron en mi memoria.

Ahora FRIGORIS p...

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 Released: August 25, 2016
500 Copies
Genre: Atmospheric Post-Black Metal