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July 25, 2016
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Few acts these days see the dizzying heights of success, but more and more are deserving of such recognition. The internet has become a double edged sword for those “stuck” in the underground scenes and while Frigoris may not have a mainstream popularity, the group’s third full-length capitalizes on a sheer musical focus to get them through.

Often described as post black metal it’s no wonder that a band like Frigoris can make such a captivating sound within the same formulas used to death in metal’s pioneering days. The band’s third studio release, ‘Nur Ein Moment…’ builds on the momentum created in the sophomore (‘Wind’) and addresses the natural concerns of the dragging debut release. ‘Nur Ein Moment…’ is as solid an album as you’d expect in this modern day of black metal. At its core there’s a lot going on here. Sure, there’s the typical tremolo picking, traditional blast beats and demoniacal snarled screams but Frigoris only build on the basic stereotypes of a genre to make something their own. Over the course of fifty-three minutes, Frigoris explore their defining point as a modern day post blackened metal act with some of the year’s most honest atmospherics and a focus on melody.

Brooding notes melt into each other as samples of nature intertwine with a floating atmosphere. Contrast is created between rushing black metal aesthetics and where the “post” in post metal takes over. The ability of Frigoris to make an un-forced record highlights a natural ability to let things progress as they should. The record’s opening display, “Et in Arcadia Ego” only testifies to a band working for themselves. It’s a great compositional method when you break it into simple measures. As the longest track on the record it is always important that Frigoris make a statement here. “Et in Arcadia Ego” builds into ebbing crescendo, trudging into some well placed chordal structures. It’s easy to get lost in here, and that’s the point. ‘Nur Ein Moment…’ translates into “only a moment” or “just one moment” to which the listener must accept what’s in front of them, rather than what’s left behind or what’s in front. It’s a comforting thought, bringing a certain level of Carpe Diem to Frigoris’ music and despite the album’s length nothing drags or out-stays its welcome. There is a certain repetitiveness to be found throughout the record but it’s a small gripe, easily forgotten when you let go of preconception. Highlights emerge as the album runs its course. “Trúwen” (the album’s leading single, featured below) addresses the darker atmospheric touches on Frigoris’ 2016 effort. Placating the traditional black metal fans with some measured Darkthrone influence before bringing back a sound that is unmistakably Frigoris. Listeners can’t help but to be reminded of the group’s debut and how uplifting negative music can be. Clean tones dance under distorted riff work, combining the ethereal and sinister with minimalist tones.

Overall, Frigoris have come a long way in only three full-lengths. Galvanised by their own consistency (which unfortunately leaves a sound-same impression here and there) and a momentum shift into positive territory more people will find something to enjoy from this German metal quintet. Hypnotic Dirge Records have found a reliable act to belt out consistent black metal releases, only time will tell whether Frigoris get the hype they deserve. Listen to Frigoris, if only a moment.

Rating: 3.7/5
Reviewed by: Robert Garland

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 Released: August 25, 2016
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Genre: Atmospheric Post-Black Metal