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From: Ad Vesperum Magazine
Published: July 7, 2013
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Frigoris from the home country to present with "Wind" their second full disc.

Until a few hours my Essen Frigoris chapel was still completely unknown. What we get offered with "wind", the second work of the chapel? A mixture of Black Metal and Pagan, sometimes quickly, sometimes played a little milder. All backed by ballad (guitars) sounds. Melody hits hard and crisp percussion and bass Gittaren playmate. The interplay between nagging and Klangesang, which is already the whispers inside, fits and carries the songs still very powerful. Thematically treated the chapel points in their songs, such as: the nature, local ties, general paganism. I would argue also times that the songs have a rather melancholic undertone?

But there are always those works that move in complete Erwartungslosigkeit in my system and then spring a surprise with which you have never expected. Frigoris create this state with the "wind" work. The eight numbers delivered at two of them are instrumental pieces can be a turn off for about fifty minutes, and go on a spiritual journey, which is in the old tradition. Here's oeuvre, the music, the lyrics fit etc., all placed to match a successful production.

Production from the home Misanthropic Arts Productions from the southern part of Korea is truly an eye catcher. Also, as you can see once again that this label knows what it's doing. At this point it times particularly attentive to the design made, it is "just" a booklet and inlay, it was designed this absolutely chic and fits like chalk and cheese. The sound of the disc is flawless, as there is also nothing to bemengeln. I must say I am really pleasantly surprised and had not expected that so fascinated me this Silberling. As well Frigoris and Misanthropic Arts Productions was at this point a praise awarded for the successful work. I can only advise a listen again, it's worth it. Two thumbs up, because it is yet further material excited!

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Released: June 7, 2013
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Atmospheric Black Metal