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Published: July 23, 2013
*Google translation of Danish review

"Wind" is German Frigoris other fuldlængdes. I do not know their first disc, but this one is not quite so crazy. The genre has, by its own admission a mix between black metal and pagan metal, and this really is very good.

We start out with an atmospheric intro where rain, little birds singing, acoustic guitar, shown well have been voted one more time in some places, and whisper in German (all texts are in fact in their native language) slowly pushes the album started.

The subsequent 'Zwischenwelten' throws us into a rather beautiful melodic playing mid-tempo, where black metal hissing and double pedal opens the way forward. Interrupted only by a single pass with acoustic guitar and whisper along the way, running number to the end and merge naturally with the subsequent 'Im Keim Ertrunken'. It starts out quietly with a focus on the atmosphere through some fingerpicking and an overlying half-melancholy melody before it goes out in a solid time digestible black metal. Again, it is just the songs that determines the entire expression, and it is gradually realize this is their strongest side.

Frigoris Throughout the album focuses on mood and not least the aforementioned melodic and they are pretty good at writing songs where the variation between the hard and a little more aggressive and the mournful almost innocent going up in a nice little device that in some places almost stands grandly. 'Frühlingsnacht', which also offers some female vocals, 'Wenn Die Maske Bricht' and my own personal favorite from the album '... Und Asche Rinnt Durch Meine Hände' are good examples of this.

The Germans have with "Wind" made an okay album that can entertain some time while it grows. Then the durability however slightly down, and I'm still a little unsure of how often the future will find their way player. It is now not deter people from checking out the release, for there is now still a lot of things to come by, and it is especially suitable very well to darker evenings with one or candles lit.

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