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Published: July 12, 2013
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It is these moments when you simply must force off an album. Not because you can not bear it. The contrary, it puts it all without expectations in the CD player and wants to hear it by the way, you actually have to do something else. And then directs the music but always of what we wanted to do down because they seduced over and again to listen more closely and are yielding to the back, then you can not stop it. So off, then listen closely and then tearing it with a as the second album Wind Frigoris of what to German as much as "cold" means, where the name really does not want to quite fit the music.

Melancholic album, Environmentalist is also, but not really cold, but it sounds to organically out of the speakers. Instead, Metal genre is typically sung with a mixture of brute and acoustic passages and clean vocals and growls of nature mysticism as for the pagan / folk. Two Intrumentalst├╝cke found, showing that one can create mood with or without lyrics, and ode to the lost souls work with speech samples of an English female voice and a child's voice, whose language is not to identify. Ultimately, however, these voices seem just like another instrument and what is sung into the background quickly.

But just in the songs with lyrics shows how these underpin the musical mood yet. These finally adapts the presentation in gray-brown colors in the slightly roughened booklet, which is why we can speak of a successful work of art.

It all fits together, so wind can be described as impressive album. The only pity is that one then the album but unfortunately out of steam after three quarters of play time. Because then no big surprises come more and it repeats itself. But even that eventually interferes only slightly, because the mood will not ruined and it is the band more than trusted to no longer appear on another album this weak point. A band that is worth listening to keep in mind.

Reviewed by: Tristan Osterfeld

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