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From: Black Tome Magazine; Issue #1
August 2013

Frigoris have been around for six years, and have managed to be kept a secret from most..  I actually originally found them through the artist who designed the album art for my band (Maugrim) as he was also doing art for them.  The image he had done for "Wind" pulled me in immediately, so much so, I tried signing them to my label...but I couldn't offer them what they needed, and clearly they deserve to be catered more than I can do.  A close colleague, Nick Skog, over at Hypnotic Dirge picked them up as a split release with Misanthropic Art Prdouctions.  
Apparently in 2009, there where some conflicts of interest taking place within the band, and Dominik threw the rest of the members out.  This may explain why the material on Wind sounds an assload better than the samples I looked up from the other releases.

The material on Wind is compared to bands like Agalloch, Woods of Ypres, and The Morningside.  And while I can certainly see small comparisons, at the same time, they certainly have captured a sound of their own.  Mainly, the biggest standout on this album musically is the guitars. Holy fucking fuck.  It's not like they are "out of this world amazing" or whatever, they are just packed with passion and pure emotion.  The rhythm in "Zwischenwelten" is empowering when listened to, and changed my mood instantly when it first graced these wretched ears.  Although the drums at the opening sound programmed, which kind of was a let down, they do, however have an actual drummer.  Each song incorporates beautiful melodies, acoustic laced leads, and harsh vocals that cut right to the point.  The song "Ode an verlorene Seelen" is an interesting sort of interlude with sound clips intertwined, and turns to be thought provoking. 

Overall, the album isn't the perfect release, but if you are into the whole "Atmospheric black metal" sound with power packed songs, then do check this out.  

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Released: June 7, 2013
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Atmospheric Black Metal