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June 27, 2013
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This month, the German black metal band Frigoris has released their second album "Wind". While Frigoris were trimmed in its initial phase Pagan / Black Metal, the band is now with "wind" at atmospheric aligned Melodic Black Metal landed.

The German language CD is curiously appeared as a co-production with both a Canadian and a Korean record label.

Frigoris show to "wind" not as old-school band. Sheer hardness is never in her new CD in the foreground. Instead, the band drives a not too hard for black-metal ratios, designed to atmospheric sound that is sometimes marked by passages in a slower game speed.

The lining of the sound use Frigoris sounds like samples of rain, but more often an acoustic guitar. Which comes on the good 48 minute long album also quite moody used. Since acoustic guitar - and in the second place, the rain sounds - but the only sound elements that stand out from the original black metal sound that can sometimes seem predictable after four or five songs.

The recording quality and also the mix of the album are good. Some new bands, not least in the Black Metal field take, even still like self-directed. Frigoris but have invested in a visit to a recording studio - it pays off. However, the album was recorded a year ago. Along with the curious parallel publication on two continents it suggests that Frigoris have found a number of months not a record label for the release of their CD.

Where "wind" not half bad. The band's sound has overall consistency, though stylistically not necessarily new. The implementation is both in terms of songwriting as well as the playful skills while not groundbreaking, but always fully in order. To provide Frigoris on the instrumental side, no solos or the like, but you can always have an appealing riffing.

From songwriting to her show "Wind" really strong, but also rather average moments. Probably the best piece in the repertoire of the album is "Frühlingsnacht". Here Frigoris offer very distinctive, memorable riffs, guiding you through the whole song. The various moods are weighed in the play particularly well together, the transitions between hard and soft work skillfully and never mounted. Really good! If Frigoris at one of their next CD can maintain the level of "Spring Night" across the board, then this band is destined to a future security.

So far, however, there are also pieces that are one level below, and do not ignite properly. Frigoris really go wrong on their album but nothing. To "wind" it looks like that Frigoris decent stand in each area, but so far nowhere can really inspire you. The right way but has definitely taken the band. If Frigoris still a mature two years, we see them with their next album certainly higher on the rating scale.

A very solid album with potential for more.

Rating: 6.5/10
Reviewed by: Stefan Frühauf

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