Review from Hammerheart Magazine; Issue #6

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From: Hammerheart Magazine; Issue #6
June 2013
*Google translation of German review

I needed something to smile as I entered the band name into the form of a, ahem, very well-known search engine. In the ranking ranked in the top row, the "Frigoris AG Refrigeration" one. How to match the melodic black metal I thought. However, I can "wind" (release date 07.06.2013) is anything but cold. Frigoris focus on guitar-driven, melodic melancholy music ála a Insomnium mixture with which they have convinced me skillfully. Even the element of Whispers (which of course also makes use of the aforementioned band) is used here varied and rich in contrast to the screaming voice. In "Spring Night" are very consistent and appropriately used for the title female vocals that go into a great guitar solos. Striking are the recurring breaks with quieter (Acoustic) passages that blend in perfectly with the concept. Especially the deep melancholy in the last piece, the purpose of the post elements of the guitar and the finale by the acoustic guitar, gave me goose bumps grow under his belt. Only the song "Ode to lost souls" would rather to act as instrumental to enhance the album. I have disturbed the samples. But please, that everyone should decide for themselves. The piece "... and ash runs through my hands" can be played in advance on the internet by the way, for those who can not wait.

Conclusion: There is a significant musical development in comparison to "Nach dem Krieg..." to hear and visually the cover makes a lot more here. In my opinion, the band has "wind" found their direction! I'm very curious what they will dish up to us in the future.

Rating: 8/10

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Released: June 7, 2013
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Atmospheric Black Metal