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July 6, 2013
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The second full-length of Frigoris really gave me a lot. A summary of the methodology German / Austrian to be creepy, the exemplification of all that it means melodic / melancholic within the extreme. It 's very hard for me to tell you about this work just for her to be enslaved in a complete manner to that thing called "feeling". A roller melodic and endured that it sweeps away thanks to a black metal tinged with suffering and "vain thought," something that I would have expected from Dornenreich and from their experience, certainly not from a moniker so young the first important work "on larger scale. " We are right in the center of the cover, in a wide range lashed by incessant wind but not so powerful as to get to bother you, we will have plenty of time to ponder looking into the horizon transported by riffs that we will not hesitate in making our secret, and scores of powerful battery that will drag us farther and farther away from time to time. The last and most difficult "step" will be to socialize with him screaming suffered and intrusive Dominik Winter, we say that is the only thing that he can not come to an agreement everyone (but for whom there will be wonders in keeping ) I feel so visceral as to be abrasive, perfect counterpart of the sensory wonders that we are going to listen. Wind is so divided, intro (not one of those random set but perfect forerunner for the actual song that will follow), three travel, other "break" instrumental and then off with three other pearls to reach the end of all (and the last, do not tell you the last thing able to "give", I do not just have to activate your curiosity, the rest of you.) I could give Zwischenwelten , the first of six, and talking at the same time than the others, but just as impetuously echoes in the head I can in the task of formulating a something sensible, I have to go back to the word "feeling "a safe haven if you will, sure as it is the quality of this disc that kidnaps and upsets with weapons at all common but ineffable beauty. I've already written too much, I have tried to describe what is indescribable too or better I feel inadequate in what I wrote because even at the end of the center / two hundred words will still be able to give you the exact feeling that thickens into me during the course of Wind . I give you so silent, but you will give yourself the opportunity to make you not miss this "depth".

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: Dukefog

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