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From: Legacy Magazine; Issue #85
June 2013
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It's strange when a German metal band with German lyrics on the cooperation of two labels, one from Korea, one from Canada, is dependent. Especially when this is quite capable in the A category of the German - I call it hate - Pagan Black Metal advance. For what Frigoris deliver food from the "wind" could well be on a par with the likes of Empire decadence or Hel. The portentous title gives an impression of the texts, the Black Metal atypical rather based on personal moods and thoughts before the hearing. One has first in the acoustic opener 'Windgefl├╝ster' still worry that the whole thing could be overly cheesy, this impression is not necessary for 'Between Worlds' immediately. Frigoris build a glorified melancholy mood, which supports the sometimes worn, sometimes bursting forth atmospheric black metal. Acoustical diversion bays give the songs, strong melodies let the light shine brightest in eight pieces. There is in itself nothing you could complain about "wind", because the whole package is consistent. Perhaps you could point that the stylistic devices that use Frigoris are not the freshest, but why would you want to talk about a perfectly good album in hindsight bad? 

Rating: 13/15
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Released: June 7, 2013
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