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From: Lords of Metal; Edition 138
Published: August 1, 2013

Dominik Winter rules the roast in Frigoris. In 2007 he founded this atmospheric black metal project and since then many band members have come and go. Wind happens to be the second full length album and the successor of Nach Dem Krieg (2010). Recorded at famous Gernhart Studios with producer Martin Buchwalter, the four-piece active on this album has created a melancholic record with a grand atmosphere. However it shows the necessary harshness during rigorous black metal passages. 

The album starts in a quite mysterious manner with introvert acoustic guitar sounds, sounds of nature and whisperings in German language during the introduction Windgeflster. Zwischenwelten cuts loose with a ferocious scream and mid-paced black metal with lingering touch. Names like Dornenreich and Alcest loom up in the back of my head. During Im Keim Ertrunken and Frhlingsnacht they work with engrossing contrasts, both tracks are around seven minutes long. Acoustic fragments always pop up instantly in between the epic black metal fury, with a wide range of magnificent melancholic leads as backbone of the compositions. Do I hear some strange female vocals in the back? That might be possible, since female bassist Melanie Schmitz is also mentioned for vocals. In the meantime she has been replaced by a male bassist. After the shorter, instrumental (acoustic) Hauch comes another lengthy song. Und Asche Rinnt Durch Meine Hnde goes slowly in crescendo into a gloomy track with momentum with beautiful, soaring melodies smoothening the raucousness. Ode An Verlorene Seelen has no lyrics, but it is regaled with loads of proclaiming samplers, driving the song into a kind of madness. Wenn Die Maske Bricht handles the recipe of whispering parts, fluttering black metal and plucking guitars once more. Really worth discovering this collective hailing from Essen for those who have a liking for epic black metal

Rating: 84/100
Reviewed by: Vera

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