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Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 Under: Album Reviews
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At first I was suprised with German language and very melancholic guitars, then it has began. Simple, but not burish perfect guitar riffs, strong lyrics took me far far away into the dark and brutal tales of the "Wind”. And then I pressed play button... again...and again. I couldn't get enough of this music and grim, but very poetical stories. 

Frigoris is showing clearly that German language doesn't belongs to Rammstein and that good black guitars are not the main domain of Satyricon, Agalloch or Imperium Dekadenz. It's brutal, it's fresh, it's awesome and it deserves more media attention in my humble opinion. Please, stop making stupid people famous and do them instead.

The Sound is perfect. Mix and mastering are making you think only: „I wish I recorded it.” Seriously. I am very demanding if it comes to quality of the stuff I am using as a background for painting on the flash and, oh boy, Frigoris doesn't bother me at all... There's more: I've found it's atmosphere very helpfull... 

Some will say that the guitars are too sterile and all is not true because of it, but fuck them, listen to this band and enjoy every second of bitter sweet music, this highly depressive spectrum of dark light. 

Words...yeah, that's another story, this guy's lyrics will lead you through world described by lurid void between Wind lashes and that's no ass licking sentence... That's an objective fact, that camed out of objective observation. Nothing more, nothing less...Whatever... just listen to it:) It's first class, red-fuckin'-carpet-deserving proper black metal music with a bit of doom acoustic melancholy and emotional intensity that blows my mind. So I just press "play”. Again. And again... and again. And I am thinking: it would be very nice if I could meet them and leave a mark on those Guys bodies with my ink and needles. Come out, come out wherever you are:)

Rating: 10/10
Reviewed by: Zwierzê

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Released: June 7, 2013
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Atmospheric Black Metal