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Published: July 10, 2013
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Frigoris (German for "cold") has undergone a major transformation in the very short band history. In 2007 the band by Dominik winter Pagan / Black Metal band was formed, today they establish themselves with their second album "Wind" as Atmospheric Black Metal band. "establish" The use of the verb like due to the lack of awareness of the band surprised quite but already the opener shows where we are going. An acoustic guitar is playing an increasingly upbeat melody that invites to dream. This is coupled with harsh speech vocals may sound easy to get used to, but consistent and highly reminiscent of German-language sizes as WALDGEFLÜSTER or AGRYPNIE. This very positive impression like a red thread throughout the album, as well Frigoris but remain true to their style. It is a good mix of both brute parts, consisting of a powerful double bass drumming with a crisp and fierce and catchy riffs, as well as from acoustic parts, the melodies play with the emotions of the listener. This diverse sound experience does this refreshingly good, especially the Essenes are able to let resonate the special atmosphere in the brutal parts, which its highlights experiences in each of the acoustic parts. Nevertheless, there are unfortunately in this thread also something to complain about because in the overall consideration of the work itself but provides too little variety. It lacks the last kick, that special something in order to create a more appropriate recognition. Since it lacks "wind" at this elementary property, the voltage curve flattens towards the end slightly. Nevertheless Frigoris have done an outstanding job and it shows on the album and that much potential is there. This will Frigoris a secret spot that has to be observed. As out tip I can only recommend the full 48 minutes as a whole, not least so that the atmospheric effect can completely unfold.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed by: Sebastien K.

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