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Published: October 2, 2013
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Moods massive, enchanting melodies and majesty, here is what is the new second album by German Frigoris. "Wind" was released for the Misanthropic Art Productions and consists of 7 songs plus intro for about 48 minutes and a half of a melodic black metal, not prone to attack front and mid tempos and more inclined to introspection. Nevertheless, the songs are not flat, they are not a bunch of homogeneity as a single-issue in many post black metal discs, but they manage admirably to evolve in the disk and to propose the remarkable climax that captivate the listener lover of these sounds melodic yet very wild, dark and majestic. 
To understand all this, just let go of the second song and immediately the powerful mid-tempo rock and stands on the majestic riffs that I have brought to mind the very first Dimmu Borgir (and rarely cite historical bands to describe the sound of these bands), but with guitars and harmonies to compensate for the lack of a keyboard. And if the third song suffers at the beginning of a plagiarism to "A fine day to die" Bathory, perr luck shooting with a shot of the epic song really enviable. Other times, it happens, as in the fourth and seventh song, there is a female voice to accompany the screams of the singer, helping to emphasize the atmospheric component of the disc, already very marked, with just the seventh song to make an episode particular album, where the band performs an instrumental masterpiece compact and consistent with a remarkable climax, while the voices are only occasional and whispered or spoken. All the while "Und asche" shows the rabid side of the disc. short: not bad at all. A great discovery for me and a disc whose purchase is highly recommended if you, like me, like these atmospheres solemn and powerful, even at the expense of dynamism and heterogeneity of the final product. Buy this CD sight unseen if you are fond of such records by Enslaved "Eld" and "Vikingligr Veldi." Do not miss this precious jewel Germanic in your CD collection.

Rating: 78/100
Reviewed by: Snarl

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Released: June 7, 2013
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