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Published: December 4, 2013
*Google translation of French review

Frigoris is a German group active since 2007 located in Essen, which after the first album Nach dem Krieg released in 2010, now offers its new album Wind . Wind was released via labels Misantropic Art Productions and Hypnotic Dirge Records . Frigoris evolves in a register "Atmospheric Pagan Metal, Black Metal". First, what is obvious is the production: solid, flawless, powerful and clear. This production highlights the many elements that characterize this album. First Frigoris alternates quiet moments to moments of fury and devastation. This tranquility is enhanced by noise (from water flowing) and an acoustic guitar, which is expressed by arpeggio. The acoustic guitar is accompanied by a second one and therefore is the other rhythmic soloist. This almost bucolic idyll or air is expelled with force by a very high tempo, instruments - this time - power, one way roller and a growl voice battery. The world Frigoris is the alternation of the calm and the storm, two extremes that alternate, follow each other in a ceaseless struggle.
There is poetry in this album with German texts, poetry (although I'm not fluent in German) made of solitude and freedom, death and cold, wind and sun.

Windgefl├╝ster acoustically opens the album. The dream can start a voice that whispers and is barely higher than the sounds of nature. Zwischenwelten is thunder zebra heaven: the song is so direct, frontal leaving without words. Thunder stuns nature although in rhythmic structure there is a certain melody and harmony. The same pattern is repeated in I m Keim Ertrunken where acoustic tempos happily flirt with the more metal side and extreme Frigoris .  

To break a certain repetitiveness that could (although it says, "could") occur Frigoris confuses. First on the title Fr├╝hlingsnacht Melanie Schmitz puts his path that turns soft and delicate in contrast to that of Dominik Winter (well, we are still in contrast sun - night and Beauty and the Beast). Then Hauch and An Ode Verlorene Seelen are two different instrumental tracks them. Hauch is sound and always enhanced by the solid production. Verlorene An Ode Seelen is the title that is not expected: voice and see more industrial structure thrash than black. If we find a downside to this album it'll just be the title An Ode Verlorene Seelen because it is too dissonant and unusual in the economy of the album, one wonders what could be its purpose.
Frigoris sign with Wind album that flirts perfection. It is undeniable that nothing technically and stylistically Wind would cap at 8/10 but in addition with the emotions it conveys and the universe in which we are then transported note soared. Just remains as a little below but who cares!

Rating: 9.5/10

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