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Published: July 13, 2013
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I have a soft spot for bands that sing in German, especially black metal and neofolk. So this disc mix of both styles, (but not exactly neofolk acoustic guitars have a role) painted quite palatable. 

"Wind" is the second album by the Germans Frigoris. In 2009, two demos, Winter, vocalist and guitar, made the other members, and apparently has given good results, while this album is the result of collaboration between the Korean label Misanthropic Art Productions and the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records.

HDR has told us in advance that this was material for fans of the first Agalloch, Woods of Ypres and Wolves in the Throne Room, and they were right. 

The album starts so unbeatable, with the whispers of "Windgeflüster" sad mix of folk, clean guitars ripped hard and the enormous sense of musicians who have turned on this recording. It's a shame more do not follow this path because this issue has me enamored. 

The main features of this recording would, on the one hand, the classical touch in the form arpeggios as "Frühlingsnacht" or the instrumental "Hauch" attacking the riffs and harmonic variations. On the other hand, the extreme simplicity of the melodic riffs like most acoustic parts. To this we add an aggressive Black Metal vocals and torn it is within the rules of the genre. Besides the battery treatment, accurate, highly compressed and triggeada too much, with the treatment usually have in such recordings, which to my taste detracts naturally. 

With a solemn tone, is presented "Im Keim Ertrunken" mournful notes several minutes of being cut by the roots when the rhythm section comes in a rush. 

Appreciate the influence of blackgaze when they open registration to the creation of spacious atmospheres and in the last minutes of "Frühlingsnacht", although they could have found a more appropriate tune. 

In any case, I would not call this melodic black metal or pagan black or blackgaze course. It's a melancholy mix of black metal with many parts folk seeking contrasts and create a depressive atmosphere. 

Continuing in "Frühlingsnacht" a female voice reminds This Mortal Coil playing a gothic black. It is curious are these kinds of details you might ruin a topic. In this case the experiment it has been handy. The rest is done by simple repetitive. 

We keep hearing and the longest song of the album, where they have put everything, all their influences, all his inventiveness and his whole heart, the excellent "... Und Durch Meine Rinnt Hände Asche". 

The arpeggios are not typical, and the whispers have become the first theme. All elements are combined appropriately, deciding is epic, atmospheric and melodic at the same time. Those choruses can sing with his fist raised. And much feeling epic battle still touring a shiver of depression. 

The instrumental "Ode an verlorene Seelen" represents the most risky exercise disk where overlapping English samplers, acoustic and guitarrazos entrecortándose at some very interesting rhythmic pattern. From machacones rhythms with acoustic melodies manage to create an unexpected effect. These are details that we must be attentive to enjoy the whole subject. Despite this, certain parts glued appear randomly. 

The variety of records, seized more successful in some areas than others, giving the band projection but stylistic homogeneity detract end result. A group must take definitive steps to define its proposal in terms of identity. Win and have surplus power. 

Rating: 7/10
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