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Published: July 16, 2013
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German group (not change) Black Metal inspired by "pagan" Frigoris released his first album in 2010 with a rather average. In fact, that made ​​way for Nach dem Krieg  ! On the 2010 album, the style is quite hesitant despite some good parts (particularly the acoustic guitar), with a little chopped musical construction and consistency is lacking. The melodic part is present, but not necessarily controlled as it should, with sometimes dubious of breaks and a well-damaging deep voice. On the contrary, Wind presents a combo that has matured and was able to learn from his mistakes ...

The style is melodic, with some pagan influences, but overall this is the first than the second. While we find the characteristics of the pagan Black Metal with acoustic guitar and musical rather trench and worked construction, with many breaks, but far from a ODAL or OCTOBER FALLS , Frigoris plays first in the register of a melodic Black Metal with a particular interest in engines riffs that span the length, also not devoid of atmospheric influences when this is the case. The mood breaks are numerous, successful, providing an important field of expression inspired by an acoustic guitar. It is also very present in all and we can not complain. Small voice problems mentioned above are no longer necessary to be (on the contrary, the voice quality is here!) And the choice of nice musical structures and sometimes almost melancholy, gives a definite plus to the music of the group providing an almost melancholy dimension at times. Subtle, quite inspired, well done formally, it lacks that German quartet just over catchy melodies and perhaps a bit of power. The mid-tempo rhythm used here is indeed not a bad thing, but some passages more "direct" would have given a little more spice.

From a visual perspective, the level is: a very nice cardboard cover everything perfectly according to the pagan concept chosen by the group. Tones and implementation are treated, it is just a pity that the book is limited to 8 pages and inside repeated each time more or less cover. The atmosphere is there and the pagan concept we feel no problem. Some additions choirs could further boost the finding nonetheless, their interest was I think better than female voices here today (which is not necessarily bad either, by the way).

A good album, melodic and (secondarily) to the pagan times, which pleases no problem at all fans of the genre!

Rating: 4.5/6

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