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Published: July 19, 2013
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Germany is one of the bastions of Europe's most prolific metal bands and territory, from which they originate, can be counted on at least a thousand. And among those thousands of bands someday year of our Lord 2007 hatched another, whose members he gave the coat of arms name Frigoris and began to commit pagan black metal. Does this sound suspiciously familiar and already pre expect from the album "Wind" musical disaster and a shower of abuse from me? So again Whoa, milánkové, it is not nearly as bad as they preach the bitter experience-based prejudices that this music industry weighs ...

It it a little feel of the cover. Although he clearly corresponds with the board, which in turn implies the nature of which is to change the step to paganism, horned helmets and waving plastic swords, breathing it into something refreshingly nepohanského, pagan, or at least not in the sense that the west of our borders that's hot. And the music in this trend continues and not only that - it carries the even further. The result is music that I over certain elements of the mold pagan black metal by itself certainly did not enter because of what Frigoris created this pigeonhole too tight. So what Frigoris play, if not pagan black? Basis in the form of classic black metal this music hardly anyone rip off, but its expression is shifted to areas where the emphasis is more on building the atmosphere and lines with captivating melodies, rather than competing in the numbers of burned churches, dragging one is more trve, and the meanest coloring on the face. And as if that was not enough, Frigoris to this base add even a pinch of folk, but in a form that the average listener metal introduces the concept of folk just barely. The ingredients of this cocktail are therefore indeed tempting, so no choice but to get a little closer to what it is in practice.

Frigoris has achieved a very interesting result. They took some have black metal storm, her little trim the wings, wore down the edges and then it started to decorate all kinds of ways. Gradually there were added so sweeping melodies crushed over two strings that are pure black metal but still own, so it would distinguish it from the crowd enough. A number therefore lost their intimate knowledge strum tunes (ha, especially here hiding the folk!) - Whether or distorted sound - and when he was on set acoustic guitar, some clever header thought it would be a good idea to indulge her more space . It did not take long, "Wind" was enriched by various intra and outro and even acoustic podmaz to milder passages of the metal. And when the words fell on softer passages such there really are, but they just left and went even further. The structure of songs from "Wind" is ranges from relatively aggressive sypaček to finished pool of tranquility where only occasionally lazily rolls over austerity wave of minimalism.

And what is it all together? Very briefly interesting and seemingly simple. The impression of simplicity is really largely the work of student sense because although the "Wind" trying to score terribly complicated instrumental lines, or a combination of eclectic and very instrumental page face, actually is relatively simple, it is put together with great feeling for thing, so the simple particulars after a few spins plates begins to grow very thoughtful work that the students will get under your skin while quietly, but he is quite reliable. A big part of this is also one of the main arguments plates, and a considerable emphasis on the atmosphere. It is mostly melancholic, but there are also other positions, like some sinister nervousness or even flashes of light and majesty of optimism. In all then gently but noticeably speaks that the aforementioned folk element, which in the spirit of the entire board subtly but substantially completes its final form.

"Wind" is extremely balanced album. None of the songs not particularly protruding above the rest and all work in symbiosis. Although we would like to point out two exceptions, which are also in preserving the integrity of board perhaps a little more visible. They are "Frühlingsnacht" and "Ode an verlorene Seelen" . The former he booked a place in my memory really excellent work with the melodies and the unique contribution of female vocals. The second is then vice versa complete absence of exceptional vocals, and it is she that comes with the ominous trepidation, that I mentioned above. Accompaniment in the form of declamation various religious fanatics - including children - then it strongly adds to the authenticity and the result is a really strong song.

When I look, what I wrote in the previous paragraphs, it almost looks like I was the "Wind" to uncritically enthusiastic. Please not true, because although I really like this album, I can not say that it was some sort of extra gem. On the other hand, the fact remains that whether the "Wind" look from any angle, I can not criticize him practically nothing, although it is a relatively simple work is done with great skill and the result is known. Frigoris are a young band, but "Wind" is very emphatic promise that if the set change our course, we could from them in the near future, anticipating the music that reaches a much higher goal. This time it will therefore be a strong 7.5 and am exceedingly curious to what heights Frigoris will head next. Better springboard to fly to the stars because you can hardly imagine.

Rating: 7.5/10
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