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From: The Infernal Symphonies
Published: August 28, 2013

One of the great things about metal is discovering new bands, not just those placed in front of you by the bigger labels but those lesser known artists who deserve to be heard. Likewise, it is also important to support the smaller, independent labels who toil away in relative obscurity yet show a clear passion for the music.

My point? Thanks to Hypnotic Dirge, a label who always impresses with their shrewd choices as to who to work with and the quality of their output, I have had the opportunity to discover Frigoris and their excellent second album "Wind" which, in all honesty, is one of the best releases I have heard this year.

Following an intro that perfectly encapsulates the album title and pastoral cover art, almost bringing it to life, one of the major strengths that is apparent throughout the album is the way in which Frigoris blend light and shade. Quieter moments play just as important a role in the music as the more aggressive metallic moments yet each carries equal weight. Sure, this technique is anything but new however it is cleverly managed here and the transitions are always seamless while never sounding forced.

"Wind" is one of those albums that stands up to repeated listens and it no doubt works best when consumed in its entirety, allowing it to weave its magic. The music sounds very organic at all times and Frigoris are not afraid to let each of the songs build naturally, something that really works in their favor. 

I can't speak highly enough of what Frigoris have achieved here, "Wind" clearly demonstrates their talent and propensity for memorable songwriting that balances metallic fury with a melodic, melancholic undercurrent. I've never been a big follower of pagan/folk metal bands, with the odd exception, however this is one such release that has me firmly hooked and offers a reward to those who take the time to seek it out.

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