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Published: October 2, 2013
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Back to the Hypnotic Dirge Records with the third album released this summer, that of the Teutonic Frigoris. The band Dominik Winter (that there is a correlation between the name of the mastermind and how much of icy might evoke the name of the band?) Propina a concentration of black mid tempo very melodic guitars which in some ways may remember the song of the Dissection of the swan alas disappeared. Eight tracks including two instrumental intro to delight with more than three quarters of an hour of music from "Zwischenwelten" glimpse glimmers of good excellent sounds that unfold between Amon Amarth, Fen and acoustically recall the Agalloch . On paper, "Wind" sounds like a bomb, but there are still many details to be filed: absolutely spot on arpeggiated interludes, as well as well as those epic Viking, a little 'less the result that comes out of the scores faster or at least from the more aggressive . The grim vocals Dominik are not bad in their evil screaming. Another suffused arpeggio life lasts for a couple of minutes in the epilogue of "Im Keim Ertrunken" before the infernal rhythm take over the beating the drums Leather precise and sharp guitar sound, produced by the duo format axes by the same Dominik and Raphael. The atmosphere is rarefied, melancholic, at some point because even hypnotic rhythm guitar keeps turning on itself with a paralyzing loop on which the soloist. The Frigoris are definitely the masters in creating beautiful atmospheres and sinister so much space is left in gentle interludes, typically crammed with nostalgia and strong references from folk. Exciting. I must admit to having underestimated the potential of "Wind" and have it stamped at first listen album as poor. But playing it back, I realized that lurk in the music of our moods, feelings and emotions that have not left me completely bewildered, but rather made ​​me appreciate you listen to, the proposal of the German quartet. Obviously we do not have in front of the star players but neither Rotters' and when in "Frühlingsnacht" also appears in the sweet voice of Melanie, the bass player, I can only be pleasantly blown away and re-evaluate my rating assigned to the release. Dreamy, and the first of two instrumental tracks is proof, while the second is a mix of thrash, black and folk narrative with vocals. To complete the album would cite "... Und Asche Rinnt Durch Meine Hände", song that harks back to the sounds decidedly Cascadiani and the melancholy conclusion, headed by the sombre notes of "Wenn Die Make Bricht", fully convince me of the goodness of this work of decadent black metal. Folklore.

Rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Francesco Scarci

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