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Published: August 16, 2013
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Album Reviews make twice as much fun when you know what to expect. So I was on Ragnarock 2013 Frigoris already experience and goutieren some songs in the current plate and second plate "wind" live. Frigoris are at least visually not the typical Black Metal.

Without corpsepaint cliche but with the more "melodic" the guys in the division cut-Depressive Black Metal Melodic and remind me of the places also excellent French Nocturnal Depression. After the längjährge bassist Melanie left the band in April, and Maximilian has taken shortly after the four-string with Frigoris, could be detected at least live no compromise in sound. Melanie still had much share in the production, but I could not find out on the fast, well that cooperation from Hypnotic Dirge Records Misanthropic Art Productions probably mainly benefit the listener. As a co-release to get the album now virtually completely auf Youtube presents what the buying decision a lot easier!
"With wind you get served a work that finds its fans as mentioned earlier in the melodic range with its natural slowness, the many thoughtful parts of two guitars, the background sound and the whisper-quiet vocals." - Could you at least think if you by yourself Intro "Wind Whispers" interlude "breath" or partially also track can be deceiving "ode to lost souls." That singer Dominik, Co-guitarist Raphael, Maximilian on bass and Pelle to the drum may also be different, "Between Worlds" made no later than 2 clear track. Here is some of the most beautiful produced in BM-style growls, Gescreamt and with all available means to atmosphere. The riffing interspersed in a single wall cacophony of bass and drums is carried here unequivocally, and also a short part with classical guitar and whispering (very appropriate) is used.
In "Spring Night" else in the BM often complained of monotony is repeated a clear rejection and so mingle in this hard-worn track between growl parts and with clear parts, and even a short guest performance by female singsong. So you can attest to everything, but just not Unkreativität the guys in my view. Already mentioned "Ode to Lost Souls" is a kind of mash-up vocal samples from apparently Christian indoctrinated people give your mindless rubbish for the best robotic and are supported by Frigoris. Again, the band does not sound good carver and the quality of the production comes to fruition.
"Wind" has everything I like for me to Melodic Black Metal and gets only because of the relative brevity of the disc a deduction in B-Note. Otherwise, I can only recommend pure listening times and the guys to lead to sometimes live to heart.

Rating: 9/10

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