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Published: August 2, 2013
*Google translation of Danish review

With a name like Galaktik Cancer Squad and a slightly unusual case that may indicate anything, it was with a certain amount of skepticism, but also a certain amount of curiosity, I put the album "Ghost Light" in the player. The one-man band, which is from Germany, has only existed since 2011, but has already released a great deal. Among other things, three fuldlængdes before this one, an EP and a couple of split things.

The first number, 'Ethanol Nebula' roars out of the speakers, and one can quickly conclude that we are over in black metal lens universe. However, it is not only full awfully that will actually also space to show a little less aggressive and a bit more melodic side, where in some places almost be described as a kind of melo-death. Argwohn, as the man behind GCS call themselves, are certainly a good grip on that handle the different instruments and it does not sound as it sometimes good to do one-man projects as if there is only one man. It works happily as a full band. 'Ethanol Nebula' is not my shit properly to a boil, but the subsequent 'When the Void Whispers My Name' comes closer to the contrary, not least because of the melodic aspects hits a little better. There is also more emphasis on the atmosphere here and the clothes undoubtedly music.

The third number is just over twelve minutes long, and also offers plenty of awfully and melodic pieces. Argwohn shows special here that he has a good feel for how he can combine the two things, and how it can be linked in a natural way. There is also time in the piano at some times, one time used to create some beautiful melancholy in an easier-building shape. It is not terrifying, but now works quite brilliantly.

The next song is the title track and, like the previous one, is here also growl to find. It gives a little less black metal expression above. when he uses bm-sharpening, and in general sounds 'Ghost Light' slightly more progressive and versatile than the rest of the album. My personal favorite and Argwohn must for me to continue writing more of this type of songs.

Finisher, the instrumental 'Hypnosis', is a further cause with his fifteen minutes and here we also find a little of everything. These include blast beats with a little half boring riff under him, pulling pieces, atmospheric passages with finger games and something something post-something-or-other with alternating drumming. Can understand number called 'Hypnosis', for it is clearly the feeling one has tried to hit here. There arises no doubt a kind of trance state, but once again it does not come up and call, and it is difficult to remain maintained as a listener. Unfortunately it is a trifle boring.

As you can probably see from the above, I am not actually sold "Ghost Light". There is no doubt Argwohn is skilled and can do something, but I still need something that can really convince me and get the interest awakened in earnest. A song like 'Ghost Light' shows that there is fertile ground for an exciting development, and I hope he will explore and develop that side of his musicality, as I am sure it will pay off.

Reviewed by: By Skousen

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