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From: Legacy Magazine; Issue #85
June 2013
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Bring a single person within less than two years, three albums and a compilation of two splits, an EP and two new songs out, one might almost call it kinky diligence, and it imposes itself on the suspicion that the quality suffers. That does not have to be so suspicious, his character shows itself in the case of the hamburger mastermind behind Galaktik Cancer Squad, which is incidentally still active with various other projects. After these exclusively digital works, whose songs effortlessly keep the listener thanks to diverse arrangements and progressive guitar melodies despite lengths of up to 25 minutes in the pits, Hypnotic Dirge Records release their fourth album, "Ghost Light" now on CD. Initially almost exclusively instrumental way to keep up to third album "Celestia" for the first time increasingly vocal collection that tell stories of space and time. And where "Celestia" stops, puts a "Ghost Light" and offers even more experimental post-Black Metal, which combines aggression and melancholy, rock shelves can meet progressive elements and the whole thing with a pinch of spice or other dissonance.

 'Ethanol Nebula' begins in driving mid-tempo, but unleashed shortly after, the first extended blast passage, while the vicious growling vocals start. And as it is with Galaktik Cancer Squad common practice provides a single piece so much variety in tempo and riffing as other bands on a whole album not accommodate. When, When The Void Whispers My Name 'slip the more the growling vocals, and get alongside distinctive guitar melodies provide a second example growling vocal track. The almost dreamy, post-rock finish of the track can be a transition to the following 'lights in loose lengths' suspect, but before this feeling comes up again, the piece of metal song hurtles first time going on a pure black. Only after a few minutes the pace is reduced to give a post-rock passage space, which in its course with beautiful strings inserts decorated builds to bittersweet Dark Metal epic, and after a piano interlude versa suspicion back into the black metal opening theme. The title track, as it acts by diverse formulation and is able to both convince and to touch, but with the closing, 15-minute 'hypnosis' is Galaktik Cancer Squad again and missed it a "Ghost Light," a grand finale. 

Rating: 13/15
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 Released: June 21, 2013
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