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Published: October 5, 2013
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Theoretically, to ensure that the fourth album (and eighth record release) of the German Cancer Squad Galaktik I did suck all the conditions were: cover insignificant, musical genre is not one of my favorites (post black metal), vaunted progressive influences and other small details, including the name of the band frankly stupid and difficult to remember. 

Well, luckily for GCS, this "Ghost Light" (5 x 51min 10sec tracks) that affects more positively. It is objectively an album often faster than drums, melodic riffs in, well done, hyper violent and not at all homogeneous or unidirectional, as it happens in this genre. No: the album manages to weave trace of melodic guitar really well managed, which can not be reduced only to arpeggios, but really touching moments and original, definitely worth a listen, whose peaks are characterized by "When the void whispers my name ", which has a wonderful escape at 5:45 and with a great riff at 7:20 vaguely post-rock style, and also by the third song, the more typical black metal, fast and grim, who manages the arduous company to keep the listener's attention to high all 12 minutes that make up the song. And all without counting the more obsessive title track, with arpeggios that touch even the famous Dissection. A little 'down instead "Hypnose", beautiful, instrumental and with a good final climax, but maybe it was not necessary to make it last 15 minutes. 

In short, despite some crisis magnitude, the GCS make a great album of melodic Black Metal, but this does not slow or diluted. In truth, it should also be said here that there is virtually nothing progressive (like their metal archives page says), and if we exclude two parts (which are very well-aimed) post rock flavor, there is nothing that we turn the discourse of experimental sounds. In other words, here we are faced with a record that at the expense of labels, experimenting with genres strangers in a way unlikely: we are faced with a raging hard, sharp, and still capable of touching melodic moments, and with a shot phenomenal listening (and buying through Hypnotic Dirge Records) is recommended for all lovers who do not mind Black Metal melodic guitar riffs while not giving up the fury and speed. Well done Galaktik Cancer Squad!

Rating: 76/100
Reviewed by: Snarl

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 Released: June 21, 2013
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