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Published: September 18, 2013
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A little originality named Galaktik Cancer Squad is a German one-man black metal project that churn out now in its third full-length release in 2011, after the publication of his debut. The traditional black metal can not be shared, as in outer space theme lyrics and makes a clear break with the typical canon. In fact, the artist, Argwohn called, describes the music band camp site a combination of experimental post-black metal and post-rock, which is in itself quite an apt description.

Disc consists of five units with an average length of them I draw in a ten-minute touches. Genre Album vaatiikiin taking into account the listener with a little patience and perseverance, immerse yourself in the songs. Music to move to a more traditional black metal and melodic direction from the rotation to really melancholic post-rock landscape. The album of the best pieces are those in which the post elementtiset shares Arghwonin inspiration can be clearly displayed. The more traditional share is between, unfortunately, a little to a moderate level, but of course, to give variation to it too.

Ghost Light is an interesting album. It comes into its own especially when the pace is slowed down and the melody is added. In particular, raises the fine guitar work that paints the intricacies of the length and breadth. Arghwon is clearly a multi-talented, with all the instruments work well as a whole palatable. The song would have liked to be a bit more varied only perusmörinän Instead, as such, it just put a damper on the atmosphere. Nonetheless, Ghostlight has made an indelible impact on the undersigned in any way, but the originality and skill to be able to apply a lot better. But, as already mentioned, it is an interesting release, which is sure to listen to sometimes just be happy.

Rating: 7/10
Reviewed by: Markus Mähönen

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 Released: June 21, 2013
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