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Published: July 31, 2013
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After taking a couple of the weaker titles, HDR seal smiles back us with your last reference, a one-man-band German black metal and progressive cosmic. Galaktik Cancer Squad , is a relatively new project consists of a single integral under the pseudonym Argwohn, also a member of the German band blackgaze Grauzeit urban. Argwohn is an incredibly prolific artist, has released 4 LP's from 2011. The first two fully instrumental plus some Ep's and compilations.

Even if you are among those who believe that there can be no less exciting to hear black metal in 2013, this will surprise you. If within a genre as there is a subcategory spent actually offers things fresh and interesting is the avantgarde / progressive and to a lesser extent blackgaze . 

"Ghost Light" is an ambitious and audacious work, you will like hipsters and people with ears peeled to hear extreme metal. His themes propulsion flow through a stream of m Elodias dissonant, staccato rhythms that do not usually related to the black metal generic that drag you to other worlds.

The voice, already established within the compositions, provides aggressive and shades, from German into English, sometimes in narrative tone and other breathing fire.

The rhythm part is built with blast beats programmed speeding sounding guitar chords alive and ultra-catchy as the start of "Ethanol Nebula", the first cut where hype and guitar fight over ownership and just melting into a dense wall surround sound. Topics visceral immediacy achieved its first win and compositional maturity later.  

Riffs scrapes with four note tremolo picking as raw material for the opening theme. Melodies classic heavy metal , progressive rock and some tapping right place, above a base bounce overwhelming. Adrenaliticos starts flowing rapidly through a distinct brand, creating a strange atmosphere cacophonous subject to pressure exerted by the harmonies in a climate extreme mixed feelings from disappointment to absolute euphoria. Questions existentialist tone in a letter worth it into practice.

Created from a simple arpeggio moving her clothing goes, "When the Void whispers my Name" with fast riffs on a devastating chord rhythm, offers a more progressive approach. thing optimistic load some tunes is a matter of tastes. If you go heavy or classic death metal melodic, since you're already on the right track. If not, you have many other elements that fijaros. But then, "Ghost Light" is not an album that breaks with tags? Its main resources are used by other groups, will think. What makes the difference is the brilliant way to integrate them into a single theme. Overflowing creativity and a lot of energy that used to be lost during the creative process. Here it does not. The poles are played, based on shocks are mixed and the result is mind blowing. Stresses the end of "When the Void whispers my Name" for his great sense of melody and if we read the verses carefully "the echoes die, When Night walks the day "we invade an inescapable sense of mournful thoughts.

Dissonant atmosphere momentarily parked in the great "In lichterlosen Weiten" an issue epic awesome voice changing to more serious recording and visceral. So we go into places atmospheric instrumental extreme metal. First the tremolo of an acoustic, and later with a keyboard that evoke nostalgia for past times faded. We see that the lights are going off in the distance and there are other feelings so characteristic of the HDR team. This is one of many points of the album. Then we can get some air to become ruthlessly bombing with a whirlwind of blast beats and booming voice that left a hole in the ground. At that   point you are aware of the enormous talent of Argwohn. From here and we can only continue enjoying his dark world of wonder and desolation.

A rhythm in the homonymous encabalgado penultimate track and that fearful voice that reminds us how insignificant our condition. As I said, you must also stop attention to letters in order to understand the concept associated with the universe, space travel, the search for light, etc ... 

"Ghost Light" is attacking an enormous amount of notes frenetic rhythms, in a sinister harmonic approach to embrace the mysteries of infinity. Some part-time with reverb that traps us by its beauty and leaves us to win to stay listening, if you need more ecstatic.

If you come here, you will realize what it is then a priori a crazy idea, it makes sense. The longest piece and twisted, "Hypnose" one tough cookie, reserved for the conclusion. Once more the epic takes over everything. Echoes of survivors stranded on a distant constellation. An extensive instrumental piece, "Hypnose" is a feat with riff oriental sonorities main with only dynamic changes and you have absolutely hooked. We again find that way of putting together a battery manic flashing and chords of the first track. The infinity of the universe can not reach the corners of the mind. Latest topic. The capsule is depressurized. The circle closes. 

A truly AMAZING album. If some thirty-somethings still maintain an interest in extreme metal is thanks to records like this, in fact we could well do without hundreds of opportunistic and continuity trash that is thrown into cyberspace every day, but beg you geniuses like Neige (Alcest, Amesoeurs, Celestia ...), Vaerohn (Pensées Nocturnes, Way To End) or Argwohn not deprive us of his creations. I should only add that if you read this review and I like the style, do not buy this "Ghost Light" would be unforgivable. Do not be satisfied with bandcamp or download. Unless you do not take seriously your hearing health, the sound quality of the CD with a sampling rate of 44,100 Hz is more than noticeable, talent too.

Rating: 9/10
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