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Published: July 25, 2013
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One-man-band as German officiating in a different style in GARLEBEN , GALAKTIK CANCER SQUAD was born in 2011 and two years later already displayed counter 4 albums, an ep and two splits. Suffice to say that the guy (Mr. Schwarz for short) is not idle, but it is rarely a sign of quality when the workload is the tip of his nose. I'm not going to say that GALAKTIK CANCER SQUAD is an exception, until the level was OK without being really good, but we must recognize that Ghost Light , reveals an undeniable potential ...

Musically, this album is a little more than 51 minutes officiates in a rather rhythmic Black and far from conventional. Nothing too (?) Demonstrative, but it is indeed a melodic Black Metal eyeing easily on the brutal Black Metal, in which the guitars are logically the first word with melodies sometimes well highlighted in the structures music (eg 2 e song). We believe in the DARK FUNERAL times, more toned, while at other times it is closer to something progressive or very melodic, except that the pieces are long, almost 7 minutes to a few over 15 and that the voice is quite weak (is that of GARLEBEN the way). So we have a Swedish melodic influences quite pronounced, with a touch of personality not necessarily very original, but that can change the overall musical approach without worry. The production is also quality, allowing Schwarz to speak fully and to take the listener to a very present battery support, who knows also accelerate at will (almost). Musical construction is not necessarily very detailed, but these breaks are wise, all completely controlled and instrumental quality. This is good when you know how the instrumental aspect here is honored. Finally, the report is quite correct, with some (small) vacuum passages and others, on the contrary, more numerous, more inspired. A piece such as 2 e is my faith really put off that the group can offer us better.

By visual issue against the level is very low! I do not mind likes to be clean, but then to offer an 8-page booklet almost black (just two little evocative images) and a cover of this ilk, it's overkill. So, it does not help to ask the concept and refine the atmosphere. Something cosmic we guess, maybe "space", but impossible to realize listening to the album.

A very interesting album that lacks a bit of inspiration to really loose, but listening is very significant, especially for fans of the genre.

Rating: 4/6
Reviewed by: Baalberith

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 Released: June 21, 2013
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